Online Speech Therapy Reviews

The comments below are a sample of some of the reviews the speech language pathologists at Therapy Works Together have received. Clients who submit their reviews are not paid, and all comments are made voluntarily. All identifying information has been removed to maintain client privacy.  If you have any questions or would like to review your speech therapist, please email us.

Review for Rocio

“Our sessions online have been so wonderful for me. I felt a connection right away.”

P.E. / July 2022

Review for Christine

“Therapy was easy and convenient from home. We could get our mother the help she needed right away.”

C.B. / May 2022

Review for Jessica

“My daughter can fully express herself. Her father and I  are finding out more about our amazing little girl’s personality every day.”

W.H. / January 2022

Review for Stacy

“Therapy was easy from home. We could get our mother the help she needed right away.”

I.P. / November 2021

Review for Nadia

“We really loved having Nadia as our son’s speech and language pathologist. She helped him start talking right away. “

G.L. / December 2021

Review for Ginna

“She provided lots of helpful suggestions and I could see progress within a few sessions.”

Y.T. / November 2021

Review for Sondra

“Kind, compassionate, concise, knowledgeable and was able to work very well with my son and made his sessions fun and rewarding.”

K.S. / December 2021

Review for Sondra

“She was the absolute best. Really connected with my daughter, got on her level and we saw a lot of improvement in a short time. My daughter always looked forward to doing class with her.”

T.M. / November 2021

Review for Diane

“Just want you to know how much I am appreciating speech therapy sessions. So far you are meeting my expectations which are I  would consider somewhat high and challenging.”

F.B. / October 2021

Review for Laura

“Diligent and patient, yet also creative with our child.”

J.P. / October 2021

Review for Nicole

“Exceeded our expectations. We are happy we found you.”

R.W. / September 2021

Review for Sheri

“We are so thankful for Dr. Sheri. She was developmentally appropriate with our son, he looked forward to seeing her every week. ”

M.A. / September 2021

Review for Rocio

“Ellenore was the perfect fit for my son. She was great! She helped him achieve his goals, which in turn helped him with his confidence.”

H.S. / September 2021

Review for Tricia

“After seeing Tricia for 1.5 hours each week, my son graduated and was talking just like any other normal three year old”

P.W. / August 2021

Review for Jessica

“My child has been working with Jessica for the past year and she is amazing with younger children.”

F.O. / August 2021

Review for MaryAnne

“She is patient and genuinely cares about my son. We have known her now for a long time and she has been a wonderful support for my son and our family”

S.R. / July 2021

Review for Karen

“So happy I found you. Thanks!”

P.D. /  June 2021

Review for Michelle

“Simply amazing to work with. Michelle is a fantastic educator who truly knows her stuff.”

E.I. / July 2021

Review for Alex

“I truly appreciate our SLP’s dedication and the immense progress my son has made this year! I’m excited to send him to kindergarten so confident!”

D.G. / June 2021

Review for Natalie

“Speech therapy online has been a great option for us. The care, attention, and enthusiasm we’ve gotten has been wonderful.”​

N.M. / June 2021

Review for Nadia

“Thank you for helping my daughter. She’s no longer getting teased.”

F.I. / May 2021

Review for MaryAnne

“A great experience from beginning to end, I saw results instantly.”​

E.A. / May 2021