Joining Therapy Works Together?

Therapy Works Together (TwT) is a growing speech therapy company providing services online to private pay clients (kids to adults) all over the USA. We contract with incredible SLPs (that’s you) in various states to provide services to those clients.

We pride ourselves on a being 100% woman/SLP/mom owned company that is: ethical, compassionate, focused on improving the lives of others. If you have a passion for providing therapy to families that need it without a ton of paperwork, we would be happy if you joined us.

Here are some answers to common questions before we interview:

Yes, all SLPs are contractors with TwT

We have clients in CA, NY, FL, TX, OH, NJ and more. We open up advertising in new states as we get SLPs available to work in those states.
No. This is 100% private pay which allows us to focus on treatment, not paperwork
We prefer that our SLPs have at least 10 hours of availability per week, but we are willing to work with SLPs who have less.
A variety of time slots during the day and week is also important.
We cannot anticipate that. Some states have a higher need and if you are licensed in more states we can give you more clients. Please remember this is not a full caseload but a great way to supplement another position.
Based on state and your availability.
That is your choice but the more flexibility you have in your schedule, the more clients we can assign. Usually our SLPs have a few hours in the morning, afternoon and weekend.
We use Google Workspace for email, SquareSpace for our calendar booking, and Zoom (all are HIPAA compliant with a BAA).
Each client signs up for a minimum of 1×30 minutes per week. The treating SLP then makes a recommendation to increase frequency/session length. This change requires client approval.
You only need client approval for an evaluation. You need to provide the client with a time estimate for an evaluation for their advance approval and then move ahead.
We have standardized evaluation materials available to borrow online (e.g., GFTA, CELF etc.).
We will be transitioning to online evaluations in the next few months.
We reimburse based on the agreed upon hourly rate. We cannot reimburse for non-client facing time right now. We do provide some time for report writing for evaluations. Sessions are reimbursed based on time (not unit).
Payment to SLPs is made by direct deposit by the 15th of the month for the previous month.
We are happy to do that for SLPs that have been with us for 3+ months, have 20+ hours of availability in their schedule and are willing to stay with TwT for at least a year.
We provide you with a TwT email account (from Google). You can use this to chat with your client.
We ask you to have a phone number to use with clients. Some SLPs like to create a Google Voice account for use with clients.
We advertise in various states when we have SLPs licensed in those states. You may not get your client tomorrow, but they are on the way.
This is on the way! Currently please use the material you have available.
We will discuss this during the interview. It is important to note that we do not believe in paying the lowest possible rate to our SLPs because we value your expertise. In fact, we pay higher than most teletherapy companies. This having been said, there is a maximum we can reimburse as there are many costs to run TwT (e.g. marketing) that can run very high.