Adults also have many reasons to work with experts like speech-language pathologists on their communication skills. The issues adults need (or choose) speech therapy is because they want to improve their expressive language skills (having better vocabulary or grammar), improving their voice (being hoarse or breathy), improving speech (articulation or stuttering) and other elective communication issues. 

Therapy Works Together has a team of highly qualified speech therapists in these areas and have helped many adults achieve their communication goals. They have certifications in areas like articulation, fluency/stuttering and strategies to improve language skills in adults. 

There are various reasons why we offer speech therapy for adults. We review these below. 

  • Speech Therapy for Adults – Why Work with a Speech Therapist?
  • Adult Communication Coaching with a Speech Therapist
  • Other Issues Addressed in Speech therapy for Adults
  • Benefits of Speech Therapy Online for Adults
  • Speech Therapy Online for Adults with Therapy Works Together


Speech Therapy for Adults – Why Work with a Speech Therapist?

Adults are also looking to improve their speaking or communication skills with speech therapy, especially as it pertains to their professional aspirations or career. There might be many different reasons why someone would want this type of improvement; often adults will work on modifying their accent, increasing their presentation skills in the workplace or even learning to speak more confidently. 

Adult Communication Coaching with a Speech Therapist

You are more than your resume or LinkedIn profile, you have to sell yourself in every conversation. Your ability to communicate professionally will either help launch you towards greater success at work or keep it from happening.

The way that we convey ourselves when searching for jobs can make all the difference between being successful and not making it as far as we would like. If potential employers don’t take notice of us they might pass right over to the next applicant. When adults work on their communication skills in speech therapy, they can perfect their brand with their speech and language skills. 

Our speech therapists can help adults with:

  • Speaking or writing to influence or convince
  • Decrease and eliminate fears of public speaking
  • Improving voice, intonation, pitch or volume 
  • Working on non-verbal communication skills
  • Adding expression or more developing a personal brand in verbal communication
  • Improving professional interviewing skills
  • Improving active listening skills to be a better leader
  • Reducing/modifying regional or foreign (non-native) accent


Other Issues Addressed in Adult’s Speech Therapy

An SLP will also be able to help adults who are working on other speech or language issues. For example: 

  • Social Communication/Pragmatics: Adults can work on their conversation skills, difficulty following rules for conversation and storytelling, improving understanding what is not said explicitly (e.g., making inferences)
  • Improving Breath Support:  Working on breathing to support the voice and so speak louder and with more power but with less effort and less strain on the vocal cords or surrounding muscles.
  • Adults with ADHD, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury: Speech Therapists can help adults who struggle with attention, memory, or problem-solving (i.e., executive functions) as a result of a medical diagnosis or condition. 
  • Communication After a Stroke: an adult’s speech or language skills are potentially impacted after a stroke. This is called aphasia when there are issues with understanding or using language. When there are problems with speech due to motor weakness it is called dysarthria. Some adults suffer with acquired apraxia of speech after a stroke as well. These speech or language issues require the expertise of a speech therapist. 
  • Stuttering or Cluttering: There are many adults who have to deal with stuttering and never learned the techniques needed to deal with their disfluency. Speech therapy also helps adults deal with the negative feelings about talking, which may impact how an adult speaks to others and the situations they talk to others. Cluttering is also considered a fluency disorder which is characterized by rapid or erratic speech rate, excessive disfluencies, and poor grammar use, which can make it hard for listeners to understand. Sometimes adults with ADHD also have cluttering. 

Benefits of Online Therapy Online for Adults

Speech therapy is very important for adults who have difficulty with their speech or language skills. Up to 40 million Americans have some sort of communication disorder. Today, adults have options for finding a qualified and expert speech therapist to fit into their busy lives. Some of the reasons that speech therapy online works for adults includes:

  • Certified Speech Pathologists are available and are experts in your needs
  • Location is no longer a limitation. A speech therapist is always available online. 
  • Mobility Issues are not limiting. There is no commute to a clinic.
  • It’s Very Convenient. Adults can find a time slot that is convenient for them.
  • It’s More Comfortable. You can have your speech therapy session from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • It’s Private. Speech therapy online is discrete and adults like to have sessions from the comfort of their own home. 
  • Less  Expensive. Speech therapy online decreases costs for everyone and the savings are passed on to clients. Cost should never be a limiting factor. Even when compared to using insurance, speech therapy online can be more affordable for adults.

Speech Therapy Online for Adults with Therapy Works Together

Online speech therapy is ideal for adults looking to improve their communication skills. Clients often see better results (and faster) when they can get the treatment they deserve in a comfortable environment like their home or office.

We all have busy lives, and the availability of speech therapists online, and now not needing to travel or invite a therapist into the home, increases compliance and sticking to a treatment plan. Adults needing speech therapy can quickly and easily book a session online at a convenient time.