girl sitting at home on her couch with headphones on a video chat with a speech therapist

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Therapy Works Together

You have many choices for your speech therapy needs. Here is a short list of why you should choose the incredible team of speech therapists at Therapy Works Together:

girl sitting at home on her couch with headphones on a video chat with a speech therapist

1. We are Experts in Communication:

  • Every SLP holds master’s degrees in communication sciences and disorders

  • We are trained to deliver high quality-effective treatment via tele-therapy for children and adults

  • Our SLPs are certified in a variety of evidence based treatment strategies that help improve your communication skills efficiently. From Accent Modification for Adults to Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • We participate in ongoing education and advanced instruction in specialty areas to provide evidence-based care for each client


2. We Care About Our Clients:

  • We work with each client and family to set up a program that takes individual needs into account

  • Therapy Works Together is a private speech therapy clinic that is owned and operated by a licensed speech language pathologist. We are here to help you succeed, not to increase our bottom line.

  • We are a family centered practice and want to build trust and rapport with you; this helps our clients achieve their goals quickly and efficiently

3. We Help You Save Time and Money:

  • Our session rate is lower than many insurance copay’s

  • We help you achieve your communication goals faster with therapists trained in specific issues; you get matched to the right speech therapist, not just the one that is available

  • With insurance deductibles being so high, Therapy Works Together is often a more cost-effective choice in helping you achieve your communication goals quickly so families often spend less than they would using an in-network SLP.

At Therapy Works Together we provide speech therapy services to children and adults.
We care about every client achieving their communication goals.
Schedule a FREE 20 Minute Consultation with a Speech Language Pathologist

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