Finding Private Speech Therapy Near Me

Finding Private Speech Therapy Near Me



Many parents’ initial reaction when they notice a language or speech issue with their child is a feeling of concern. They may be approached by a teacher or pediatrician with the suggestion that they get an evaluation by a speech and language pathologist when their child is having trouble communicating, has irregular speech patterns, or is falling behind other kids their age. They’ll think “What should I do about it?” “Where can I get good private speech therapy near me?”


There are many things that parents and caregivers take into consideration when they are trying to find the right provider for their child. Things like location, schedule, price and whether insurance is accepted are all factors. One of the most important is also the therapist’s expertise in the needs of the child.


Taking the First Step


Often, we will try to do an online search for a speech therapy provider. While we want the best for our child, it would be unreasonable to think that other factors don’t come into consideration. A search for “private speech therapy near me” will yield results for local clinics and providers. This is an excellent first step. In addition to this, you might also want to consider referrals from:


  • Pediatricians or doctors – healthcare providers can often provide referrals to local speech therapists.
  • Local occupational and physical therapists
  • Online parent groups
  • Your insurance company – contact them to learn the details of your policy and coverage for speech therapy. They can provide you with a list of in-network therapists that you can research and contact.


Speech Therapist Credentials


It’s a good idea to make sure your therapist has a Master’s degree in communication disorders and is completely certified and qualified. You should also check to see whether they are a current ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) member in good standing and have a license to practice in the state in which you reside.


Other Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Speech Therapist


When it comes to speech therapy, it goes without saying that a speech therapist with the greatest expertise treating your child’s specific problem is preferred. Do they specialize in a particular disorder or issue? What does the SLP know about your child’s delay or disorder, learning style, and learning needs? Here are some more factors to pay attention to:


1. The issue that needs to be treated. 

There are many issues and disorders that can be addressed in speech therapy including speech disorders (e.g., apraxia) and language disorders (e.g., aphasia), as well as social communication, cognitive-communication, voice issues, and oral motor/feeding and swallowing issues. Even though speech therapists can assess and treat a wide range of ages and disorders, it’s critical to find one who has experience for your particular situation. As an example, there are speech therapists who specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorder in children that may not have experience in diagnosing or treating people with aphasia after a stroke.


2. Consider different settings

These days there are a variety of settings that one can receive speech therapy. Here is a short list, which includes the pros and cons of each

  • School based: This is the least expensive option and your child’s therapist can be in touch with their teacher. Yet there are issues with school based SLPs being under-resources with very high caseloads. This could impact your child’s wait time, the size of the group they might receive therapy in and whether they even receive one-on-one services. Lastly, to qualify in a school, a child usually has to score very low on standardized tests, which means that many children fall between being average performers and the low scores they need to receive to qualify for speech services.
  • Private clinic: This is a terrific alternative since your child will receive personal attention and support from the speech therapist assigned to them, who will tailor lessons to your child’s communication skills, weaknesses, and goals. In a private clinic, the SLP will be in constant contact. In a school setting, it might be challenging to find one on one time with your speech therapist and you do not have a choice as to who will be your therapist. When you get speech therapy at a private clinic you have more options when it comes to choosing a speech therapist, making it easier to choose one that suits your child’s needs.


Speech treatment in a private clinic is, in general, more costly. If you’re fortunate enough to have insurance, your coverage may be able to assist you avoid or lower these expenditures. However, insurers frequently deny speech treatment for a variety of reasons. (you can learn more about speech therapy insurance coverage here).


Finally, it’s crucial to understand that public and private speech therapy are not the only options. Local colleges with Speech and Hearing Departments or speech therapy programs are one example for other options. This can be a method to get a diagnosis and therapy from a speech-language pathology student while still being supervised by a qualified and licensed speech therapist. While this is a far more cost-effective choice, your child may have to work with a roster of rotating pupils as they swap shifts and graduate.


Online Speech Therapy or In-Person


Speech therapy sessions used to require clients and therapists to be physically present in the same room. Telehealth has changed the way many of us obtain health-care services, including speech therapy.


Online speech therapy operates in the same way as traditional in-person therapy, from the initial evaluation to diagnosis to evidence-based treatment. The only difference is that instead of sitting face to face in the same room, you’re chatting via video conferencing software.


While the popularity of online speech therapy has been quickly increasing in recent years, it has lately expanded because to COVID-19. More families are recognizing that they can get the same effective, high-quality treatment online, but from the safety and convenience of their own homes (and without the lengthy trip!).


So, why is this important to consider when selecting a speech therapist? Because if you do decide to choose online therapy, you’ll want to work with someone who is familiar with and skilled at using this form of delivery. Many online speech therapists are proficient at keeping children involved in a virtual setting in addition to offering quality care. They employ a variety of tactics to maintain children’s attention and create a pleasant and engaging learning environment enabled by the interactivity of a digital platform (i.e., playing fun computer games, using different backgrounds, giving your child remote access to draw on a virtual whiteboard, etc).


Therapy Works Together – Online Speech Therapy for Children and Adults


We care about every child and adult achieving their speech, language and communication goals. You can start speech therapy online now with a certified speech language therapist. We’ll discuss your personal needs, develop an individualized treatment plan, and schedule affordable online therapy sessions online at your convenience.

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