My Name is Kate: Great Therapy Books for Kids

My Name is Kate: Great Therapy Books for Kids


Are you looking for a book to add to your list of therapy books for kids? Here’s one to add. This book tells the story of Kate, a little girl who has Childhood Apraxia of Speech. The disorder makes it hard for her to say speech sounds, words and even her name! She has trouble in her speech classes (and all day!), but never gives up.


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Empathetic and kind, Kate supports the friends around her that are working through their own difficulties. But she feels frustrated – like her problem isn’t going away. That is until one day when a new speech partner inspires her to make progress.


‘My Name is Kate’ is a powerful story that reminds readers that everyone has something they are working on and trying to improve. Exciting and funny at times, Kate teaches readers a powerful lesson in perseverance and compassion.


These days, it’s even more important to talk to children about subjects like compassion, empathy, kindness, and inclusion. Yet talking about these ideas is not so easy and sometimes even harder to teach. One way to instill and inspire these is to read books that talk about these subjects and can elicit a conversation about what it means to be compassionate and compassionate to other people.


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It’s simply actually. I believe that everyone, kids and adults, need support at one time or another. Whether it’s through a difficult period in their life, reaching a personal goal or overcoming the symptoms of a disorder. I myself have known what it’s like to be a patient. I know that we are all one diagnosis away from needing other people’s help, compassion and expertise.


So as a speech therapist, I saw my opportunity to give back. I founded Therapy Works Together to give families access to affordable and accessible speech therapy from the best certified speech language pathologists. Not only are these hand picked therapists highly qualified in their area of expertise, they are all compassionate people who see the whole person, not just the diagnosis, when they provide treatment.


Therapy Works Together was founded founded as a place where we can provide the best care to our clients to help them reach their communication goals, and I personally guarantee that you will be satisfied with your experience at Therapy Works Together.


The team at Therapy Works Together thanks you for choosing us and feels privileged to serve and improve the lives of our clients. 


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