4th of july activities for kids

Parent Resources: Fourth of July Activity Ideas

At Therapy Works Together we know that making parents’ lives easier by giving them simple resources to use benefits children and their speech and language development. Even if your child is right on track with their speech and language skills, the images and suggestions below can be used to talk about the upcoming Fourth of July.

These simple instructions can be used in conjunction with the photos to practice your child’s speech and language skills just in time for the fourth of July.

Each type of activity can be modified by parents for young kids who might be speech delayed and using only single words or those who are already able to answer simple questions.


Describe the Fireworks:

Parents can say the single descriptive word, ask their child a question like, “What color is that one?” or give choices like, “Was that red or blue?”

  • Colors: red, blue, green, so many colors

  • Size: big, small, large, tiny

  • Comparatives: bigger than, brighter than, Is that one bigger than the first one? Is the red one smaller?

  • Superlatives: biggest, this is the biggest


Ask Wh- Questions:

Ask your child about the fireworks to get them to practice their speech and language skills. You can make the questions more or less complex depending on their language abilities.

  • Yes/No Questions: Are they loud?

  • Multiple Choice: Is this one close or far?

  • More Complex: Do you see any shapes? (You can also give your own example first, such as “I see an apple shape. Do you see any shapes?”


Predict What will Happen:

After you and your child have seen a few fireworks explode, you can ask your child to try to predict what will come next. When the fireworks are shot up but before they explode, you can ask them:

  • Will it be loud or quiet?

  • What color will it be?

  • What will it look like?

4th of july activities for kids

Here are some more Fourth of July photos with specific questions that parents can ask children who need to practice their articulation and language skills. Even if parents want to have some resources to help develop their child’s communication development, these tools are great.

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Here are those Fourth of July speech & language resources!



Words/Phrases You can Target: running, waving, girl, flag, red, white, blue, green, fast

You can make any word into a 2 word phrase: running girl, waving flag, green grass.

Articulation words for G sound: girl, green, grass, go; flag, big

4th of july activities for kids



Words/Phrases You can Target: sparkle, light, hands, hold, night, dark.

You can make any word into a 3 word phrase: see it sparkle, hold it tight

Articulation words for S-Blends: sparkle, spin, sky

4th of july activities for kids



Words/Phrases You can Target: doggie, flag, hold, fuzzy, mouth

Wh- Questions You can Ask: Where is the flag? Who is holding the flag?

You Can Help Your Child Learn the Answer: The flag is in his mouth! The doggie is holding the flag



Words/Phrases You can Target: ice-pop, yummy, cold, gimme, hold, hand, drip, eat

Wh- Questions You can Ask: Do you want some? How many colors? Is it cold or hot?

4th of july activities for kids

Words/Phrases You can Target: cookie, sprinkle, three, fireworks, flag, cupcake, yummy, star

Articulation words for S-Blends: star, sprinkle

Articulation words for K Sound: cookie, cup, cake, cream, cut, candle, crispy


4th of july activities for kids


Words/Phrases You can Target: fruit, spiky, glasses, yummy, eat, silly, flag

Wh- Questions (more complex): Do pineapples wear sunglasses? Why is the pineapple wearing sunglasses? Who should wear sunglasses?

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