Speech Videos for Toddlers, Kids and Adults

Speech Videos for Toddlers, Kids and Adults


There is no shortage of speech videos for toddlers, kids and adults on the web for parents and caregivers to pick through and find the one they like best.


So we have collected some of our speech videos for all ages that provide a bit of a different tip as to how you can help your loved one who needs to make progress with their communication skills. They cover a range of topics like speech or language delay in toddlers, articulation, stuttering, apraxia of speech, parent coaching and more.


Take a look at the videos below and the notes for each one for some speech therapy tips you may not have heard before.


How Parent Coaching for Speech Therapy Works



Kids make better progress when speech therapy involves parents. So how does coaching online help parents develop effective communication strategies so that they can help their child?

Here are the 6 questions we like to ask during a structured speech therapy sessions online that is focused on parent coaching.


Speech Delayed Toddler Who Tantrums? Here’s What to Do.



Research has shown that toddlers who have fewer than 50 words by age 2 are twice as likely to have severe and frequent temper tantrums. That’s some difficult news for parents of young children. So what are parents to do? Learn about speech therapy and delayed speech in toddlers.


1 Tip Imitate – Teach Your Child to Imitate You First.



Imitation is one of the most important skills for children to learn before they even start learning speech or language. So how do we teach a child to imitate in speech therapy?


1 Tip- Piece by Piece – Speech Therapy for Children at Home.



Here is a tip for parents who are interested on working with speech therapy at home with children. You can use this simple speech therapy strategy during everyday activities with your child. It’s flexible and it works so well!


Parents Need the Right Diagnosis for Childhood Apraxia of Speech.



Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is considered to be a rare speech problem in children. However, because it is rare and researchers believe that other types of problems may occur more often than this does – there has been less research into how common apraxia in kids really is for those with different levels on the severity scale. Apraxia kids has reported that there are estimates like: 3-5% of children on a speech therapist’s caseload could have apraxia of speech. Which is why parents need the right diagnosis from a speech therapist that is highly qualified and experienced with this communication disorder.


How to Use Repetitive Books for Apraxia of Speech



Use a repetitive books to help a child fill in the blank with target words for speech practice. One great tip for speech therapy at home and for apraxia of speech.


2 Year Old Book Reading for a Language Delayed Child



How to target speech therapy goals for a 2 year old speech or language delayed child. This video shows how to read a book targeting 2 year old milestones.


Sounds for Speech at Home



Pay attention to how you are positioning your mouth, tongue, teeth and other articulates when making speech sounds. Practice speech therapy at home.


Different Types of Lisps



Jacie from Therapy Works Together talks about the different types of lisps your child can have and lisp speech therapy. This could help when talking to your speech therapist about your child’s speech.


Speech Therapy at Home – It Happens Naturally



Speech Therapist Jacie describes how parents can facilitate improving speech and language at home naturally during everyday activities. Speech therapy happens at home.


Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Practice



An easy craft with your child to practice speech goals during Thanksgiving or any other time.


Popcorn Speech Therapy – Practice Speech Goals



An easy and fun craft to target speech or language skills for your toddler or preschooler at home. This is fun and uses materials you already have at home.


Practicing Speech Therapy at Home – Read Aloud Books



Practicing Speech Therapy at Home – Read Aloud Books. An interview with one of our best speech therapists on how speech therapy at home (and online) works. In this example, the speech therapist talks about Read Aloud Book activities.




Hello, From the Founder of Therapy Works Together



Michelle Moyal, M.S., CCC-SLP, Founder and clinical director of Therapy Works Together talks about online speech therapy.


Client Testimonials for Our Speech Therapists




Therapy Works Together – Online Speech Therapy for Children and Adults


We care about every child and adult achieving their speech, language and communication goals. You can start speech therapy online now with a certified speech language therapist. We’ll discuss your personal needs, develop an individualized treatment plan, and schedule affordable online therapy sessions online at your convenience.

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